Allison // Bishop Heelan

Class of 2018

Nisha // Sioux City East

Class of 2018

Nisha has such a fun, bubbly personality that kept everyone laughing through the heat! Check her out on the Featured Session to see more photos!

Kenzie // Sioux City North

Class of 2018

We had such a good time with Kenize during her senior session! We spent most of the day at the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center but we got a ton of different looks for her. And of course, we had to head back to North to get the volleyball photos!

Check her out on the Featured Session to see more of her photos!

Sarah // Sioux City East

Class of 2018

We had such a fun time with Sarah on her senior session! Take a look at some of the wonderful things we captured for her. Be sure to check out her “Featured Session” video at the end of her pictures to see even more of her photos and her exclusive interview!

Click here to see Sarah’s session. Featured Session

Quyen + Tuan // Engagement

Brittany + Simon // Sioux City Wedding

April 22, 2017

Brittany and Simon’s April wedding day turned out perfect in every way. We were graced with a bright shining sun which set happy tones for their union. A couple whom fate truly brought together, everything about their day was meant to be. We are so grateful to have shared in their day and capture their first day as husband and wife.

Ceremony // St. John’s Lutheran Church
Reception // Marina Inn
Bridal Gown // Hayden Olivia Bridal
Rings // Thorpe and Co.
Caterer // Kahill’s
Baker // Habitué
Head Table Backdrop // 6 South Designs
Florist // HyVee
Music // Pink Kadillac
Photographer // Suing Studios

Back Up and Print

Every so often something terrible happens and you think to yourself, “What if that had happened to me?” An acquaintance of mine recently posted on Facebook about her computer crashing with little hope of recovery. Crappy situation, yes, but the part that felt like a rock in my stomach was all of the photographs she had stored on that computer, and only that computer, were now possibly gone forever.

Here comes the part where you want to cry over someone else’s lost memories and then, in a panic, realize you may be putting yourself at risk for the same occurrence. Unfortunately, as we have all experienced at some point, technology is not always reliable and things can happen.

I have trained myself over the years to be consistently moving pictures from my phone to organized folders and then backing them up to a cloud. Guess what – Get in the habit and it really is not that bad! I promise, when your phone suddenly will not turn on, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing those 20 images of your adorable sleeping puppy (I’m not the only one, right??) will be saved to look back on some day.

Your memories are priceless and no matter how silly some of those photos might seem, you will enjoy having them. Take a moment, get a backup hard drive, create a cloud-based account (Dropbox is a good source!) and start routinely putting your memories in multiple places.

Now we are going to go in a slightly different direction but stick with me here! If you have been to my home or worked with me before you know I am an advocate for printing your portraits. I can only speak for myself, but remember all those snapshots I told you I back up? How often do you think I actually enjoy any of them? I so rarely go through my digital albums! But the canvases from our wedding day, our beautiful wedding album, Laikyn’s newborn photo on display in her room? Well, those I see and enjoy every single day.

When you schedule a portrait session with us, I want to make sure you are provided with an above and beyond kind of experience. We will sit down to plan your session so your photographs not only reflect your style and personality, but that you will be receiving artwork to proudly display in your home where you, too, will enjoy it every single day. We travel to different events to find beautiful, heirloom pieces that suit different design styles because everyone is different. You can be guaranteed that when all is said and done, the investment you made in your session with us will be worth it.


I have always had the mentality that a person can never know enough. If you find yourself satisfied with your skills and what you already know, you could be missing out on so many wonderful new things. My goal, not only in photography but life in general, is to seek out new things and opportunities to learn or improve.

This past November, I got to go to Arizona to learn from three great international photographers covering various lighting techniques. Not only did this mean I had to leave my baby girl for three nights but I also had to navigate airports by myself (double yikes!!). There was maybe a little bit of dread mixed with excitement leading up to the event, but I managed to get on all the right flights and get to my destination without any issue. I definitely missed Laikyn, but two full days of adult conversations and fantastic models was so worth it.

One of the highlights of the trip was being able to go to Pima Airspace Museum to work with some lovely models. Apparently, Arizona is not known for clouds so the challenge was working with that not-so-flattering direct sunlight to create more edgy, fashion portraits. We brought extra light into some situations which was new for me to play with. Being able to add some new things to my portfolio is always exciting, but more importantly, all of the new skills and inspiration I get to bring to my clients in this new year is why I actively seek these opportunities.

Take a look at a few of our captures. I must say, even though that sunlight can be a killer, those blue skies are to die for!


Dry Ice Shoot

Do you ever have a thought that even in your own head sounds a little crazy? I will say I do this pretty frequently and sometimes, those thoughts are crazy enough that they stay in my head but other times, I will bounce ideas off on Adam to see where he puts it on the crazy scale.

Over the past few weeks we put together something different, and yes, a little crazy, for our current and future Senior Model team. I had visions of dark and edgy beauty shots with a different feel than what we achieve on a normal senior session. Luckily I have a problem solving husband that takes my ideas and figures out how to make them happen. He created a barrier of boxes because I needed to be able to contain one of the main elements of the shoot, fog (not the models! ;P) which was from dry ice.

The girls donned gorgeous formal dresses and we then created art. Enjoy some of our captures and thank you again to Paige, Allison, Jayden, and Nicole for coming over to bring my vision to life! One of the many benefits of being a Senior Model for us.

On an ending note, follow through on those crazy thoughts, wonderful things can happen!

– Jess


Obviously Jess’ thing is seniors and weddings which I have loved helping out with, but one of my passions is sports so I wanted to try and combine the two. After getting some coaching from an awesome photographer in Maryland, we were finally able to bring back the style to the Sioux City area. Alas, the “Extreme Sports” division of Suing Studios was created (which I’ll get to in a little bit).

We shy away from the “traditional” sports photos and try to give our teams something a little more modern. The awesome thing is that we have them display what they get to bring the school together as a sense of community. Well we got to do all of Sgt. Bluff’s winter teams so we decided to go their game against East so we can see what the banners look like hanging up. Since I am a sports enthusiast, I was excited to see the game, Jess on the other hand, not so much. On our way there she asks “so are we staying for the whole game, or what’s the plan?” Me, with an eye roll, “Ummm, I was planning on it, that’s usually what you do when you go to a game. I guess we’ll see how the game turns out…” Midway through the 2nd quarter she was into it more than I was. I won’t recap the game or anything but seriously, one of the best high school basketball games I have been to.

So what is “Extreme Sports” by Suing Studios? Like I said, it is a different take on “traditional” sports pictures. We take a headshot of every player with our ring light, apparently the girls say it’s the perfect selfie lighting? We then take a picture of the seniors from their knees up and a full body picture of all the players. You can see the final outcome below. The best part about it is we give the schools giant banners to display for the year. There are a lot of pictures below, but enjoy looking at the SBL winter sports teams!

– Adam


I am so excited to officially announce that the new website design is complete! So many thanks to Trevor Larson and his patience with my crazy design process. I am so lucky to have such a talented brother because I have a feeling any other web developer would have given up on me a long time ago.

Nearly ten years ago, photography began as this fantastical idea that has evolved into what it is now. I am so thankful to now have my husband along for this journey and to be able to bring my passion for photography to the Sioux City area. Over the next few months, I can’t wait to share with you some of our weddings and senior model shoots from this year!

Enjoy some screenshots of the design process!

2016 RECAP

Wow! The 2016 senior season is wrapping up. Looking back on the year, we feel so lucky to have made all the connections we have since coming to Sioux City.

This was our first year with a model team in the Sioux City area and we could not have asked for a better group of amazing young women. With our group shoots, and even some modeling for stores around the area, we have been able to get to know this group and share quite a few laughs along the way! It is amazing how far they have come with each other.

We cannot wait to see what the Class of 2018 brings but we sure will miss these girls. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for each of them and know it will be bright!