The New Suing Studios

Welcome to the new Suing Studios!

Well it’s not completely new, just a new look, feeling, and you get to hear a lot more from the sarcastic and smart ass other half of the business, Adam (who is writing this thing of magic, BTW)! 

For those of you new to us, thank you! We really appreciate when people to stop to check out what we’re doing. For those of you that were following us, you might have noticed there is a fresh new logo and a brand new website (making a good website sucks). In case you care, we made this change for a couple reasons. 

1. We felt like our old logo was old, outdated, and stagnant (kinda like how I feel most days…). The new one looks a little more modern and displays something we were hoping to get across, two different voices and personalities coming together to make one. Cheesy, maybe, but Jess and I both thought I need to bring a little more to what we do.

Logo we used for the previous 5 years

Logo we used for the previous 5 years

Our new baby

Our new baby


2. We changed the website because we felt like the old one didn’t tell you exactly what we do. Every photoshoot we do is for the client. We want to make sure you know how important you are to us and we want to show you how we keep you in mind every single step of the way. We use the word “experience” a lot on our website and that is because that is exactly what we give you. We want you to remember what it was like working with us. You can meet up with anyone to take your pictures, but we want to give you just a little more than that.

So what exactly do we give you?

  • Style Consultation

  • Session Prep Guide which includes details with skin tone, body type, and what to wear

  • Locations based on what you wear

  • Hair and make up

  • The chance to hang out with me (sorry, I had to throw that in)

  • An assistant for the day

  • Take over our IG story for the day

  • Behind the scenes video of your session

  • Slideshow of your pictures

  • Social media sneak peaks and files to share

  • Amazing products to display around your house

Damn, we do so much more than just take your pictures, and obviously you get that too!

So, that’s just a little behind why we decided to change the look of Suing Studios. Please, please, please, always feel free to reach out to us. IG, Facebook, soon to be twitter, call, text, whatever, we would love to talk to you!

We would love to hear your thoughts on the style change! Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!